10W Max Wireless Charging Stand




  • Auto Inductive Charging
  • 10W/7.5W/5W Compatible
  • Stable & Quick Charge
  • Anti-Skid Metal Design
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Product Details


Introducing Airwave – a 10W max wireless charging stand that is elegant, stylish, and convenient

Add a little extra zing to your desk.

Its stylish design complements your work or home setup and takes up minimal space on your desk or nightstand.

It’s a no brainer. But is it?

Put your compatible smartphone onto the stand and start wirelessly charging it. That’s it. And an intelligent and efficient chipset ensures a reliable and high-speed charge each time. So Airwave does have a brain after all.


Airwave is 10W/7.5W/5W compatible and supports wireless charging of a wide range of phones and devices.

Safe and sound.

The ultra-slim profile and metal casing of the charging stand are great for heat dissipation, ensuring more efficient charging. The built-in multi-protection system provides a fast and safe charge for every device.