Beta AM

1M 2.4A Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable




1 meter


  • 2.4A Fast Charge
  • Micro USB
  • 100CM Length
  • Material: PVC
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Product Details

Beta testing looks good.

The series fast charge & sync cable features 100 cm cord length, 2.4A fast charging, and high data transfer speed. It’s time to upgrade your everyday charging cable to the reliable Beta.

Enhanced durability.

Improved manufacturing techniques and material make the cable sturdier.

Long-lasting connectors.

The connectors have more than 10000 bends lifespan.

The secret lies in its core.

The premium copper wire in its core shielded by aluminum foils,  increases its strength, and block electromagnetic interferences, so it can transfer data and charge devices with good performance.

Tech Specs

Fast Charge & Data Sync Cable
Model Name: Beta AM
Model No.: RRCS01M
Type: USB 2.0 AM To Micro USB
Current: 2.4A
Length: 100 cm
Material: PVC