Gravity 10M

The Gravity 10M Fast Charging Vent Mount Wireless Car Charger features 10W max output, infrared & touch sensor and retractable brackets offering effortless phone placement, adjustable viewing, and 10W/5W compatibility.

Color: Black

Model Name Gravity 10M
Model No. RRWC01
Features Icon 10W Wireless Icon Safety

Product Details

Gravity 10M

Introducing Gravity 10M, our fast charging vent mount wireless car charger, featuring 10W max output and fast charging, retractable phone holder brackets, infrared & touch sensor, and 10W/7.5W/5W compatibility.

Fast and wireless.

Wirelessly charge your smartphone with Gravity 10M while on the road. Housed in the slim and stylish charging pad, a high-efficiency chipset provides a high-speed wireless charge to your smartphone.

Easy breezy.

The Gravity 10M is equipped with an infrared proximity censor, a touch sensor, and a touch button, making it intuitive and effortless to secure or release your phone.

Adjustable viewing.

The phone holder allows you to adjust your phone to easily view GPS and incoming calls, ensuring safety while driving.

Tech Specs

Model Name: Gravity 10M
Model No.: RRWC01
Input: 9V⎓1.67A
Wireless Output: 9V⎓1.0-1.2A
Output Power: 10W Max