Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max / XS Max

Product Details


We’ve made a great effort and applied the latest technology to Sapphire, a premium screen protector specifically designed for the iPhone 11 range, providing edge-to-edge protection to your gorgeous iPhone’s display against harsh environments.

Great touch sensitivity.

The front glass panel protecting your screen is engineered to be exceptionally touch sensitive. The smooth glass has a feel just like the original screen surface, preserving the native touchscreen experience.

Multi-layer protection.

The Sapphire protector has multiple layers, from anti-fingerprint coating and scratch-resistant layer, to inner layers that provide enhanced strength.

Let only the light shine through.

The Sapphire is built with premium materials from Japan, which makes it a front runner with an astounding performance: up to 7X shatter-proof, 9H surface hardness, and super scratch resistance. The Sapphire may be one of the toughest screen protectors out there.

High-definition view.

Prolonged exposure to smartphone screens can cause eye strain, sleep disruption, and blurred vision. With Sapphire, the high energy blue light is filtered and the crystal-clear view alleviates eye strain.


A unique anti-fingerprint coating is applied to the Sapphire to produce an oleophobic result.

Easy and bubble-free application.

With the Sapphire, installation is easy and accurate. High-quality adhesive layer ensures a bubble-free application.