Embark on an amazing journey with us.

Rockrose is a global brand developer of chargers and smart devices for travel, entertainment and smart homes.


We are dedicated to bringing joy and delight to our users’ digital life by providing leading technology products with good user experience at competitive prices.

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Stay charged up through the day.

No more anxieties of missing the important calls or that perfect shot. With our lightweight, compact and high-capacity portable chargers, you are equipped to navigate through the day and keep your phones or other digital gadgets powered up while on the move.

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No worries. We’ve got you covered.

Remember the time you received your brand-new phone? Whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phone, or Google Pixel phone, they are gorgeous, but how to keep them safe against unpredictable situations in everyday use? Well, worry no more, because we’ve got you covered. With our protective accessories, we will keep your devices in pristine condition, even after a period of time.

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Enjoy the music.

With our Bluetooth earphones, headphones, or speakers, you can enjoy your music at home or on the move. Wired or cordless, in-ear or on-ear, our products will give you the same brilliant sound and great listening experience.

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