Rockrose Makes Its Massive Debut in Overseas Markets

With its rich, high-quality and yet affordable products covering six major mobile phone accessory categories.

Dec. 23, 2020 – The brand recently makes its debut in Dubai, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Greece, Nigeria, The Philippines and Vietnam. Soon its products will also hit the market in Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, and a lot more other countries.

Rockrose, the company behind the brand of the same name, is dedicated to establishing a strong brand image of bringing joy and delight to each customer’s digital life by offering leading technology products with good user experience at competitive prices. The company has partnered with many strong players in distribution channels of the above countries, who share the same belief. Rockrose is very grateful for all the support received from its partners, which makes the product roll-out possible, and feels confident that the initial market response would be positive.

As always, Rockrose will continue making every effort to deliver premium products to the customers and make a difference in their digital life for the better.